FIRST IMPRESSIONS — Season:1 — Pictured: Jevin Smith — (Photo by: Joseph Viles/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Behind the Scenes of the Man

Jevin Smith DJ Jev started his quest in the entertainment industry when he was only 12 years of age. Jevin’s uncle, who was a well known disc jockey in Detroit, MI actually gave him his first pair of turn tables along with a gift that would keep on giving for the next 17 years. That gift just so happened to be the ability to earn extra income DJ-ing parties. Jevin began to DJ and MC parties for friends in his neighborhood and after practicing for a while the news soon spread that he was good.

A professional is born…. DJ Jev is now charging because he is actually really good. DJ Jev is now DJ-ing for his moms friends weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties etc… and the list goes on. DJ Jev is amazing his clientele because he is DJ-ing for people who are more than twice his age. He knew exactly what it would take to keep them up on their feet, while at the same time showing his versatility in music styles such as Hip Hop, Rock, Smooth Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Pop, Country Western and even music from the Rat Pack era.

Even as a child Jevin loved to entertain people and make them laugh. He also wanted insure people met their full potential. Jevin’s passion has always been to make other people stars because he himself knew that he was a star. So much so that he formed a girl band with his two, younger cousins and little sister. His girl band performed at local talent shows and family functions.

Jevin went to Alexander Hamilton a performing arts high school in Los Angeles. He was in the music academy with various well known artist. There, Jevin DJ’d all of Hamilton High schools functions. After High School, Jevin knew the perfect place to teach him everything he needed to know about business, Morris Brown college in Atlanta Georgia where he was a music industry major. There Jev DJ’d local college functions to make some extra cash. That craft came in handy being away from home, in college. After college DJ Jev returned to his home in Los Angeles California to intern at 100.3 The Beat for Adimu former host of BET’s Teen Summit who gave Jevin the name, “Jevin, the Young Intern” who in return taught Jevin all about radio. There Jev had the opportunity to work with artist such as Jon B. Jermaine Dupri, D.J Quik, Angie Stone, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Raekwon and Ghost Face Killer of the Wu Tang clan, Musiq Soul Child and last but not least La La Vasquez.

Jevin has also had his feel in television and videos. If you check back he has been seen on MTV‘s Becoming P Diddy, King Of Queens, ER, Bernie Mac, All of Us, Girl Friends, Beyonce’s NAUGHTY Girl video, Ludacris GET BACK, Ushers Caught up, a few commercials and more. In August of 2005 Jevin began working for Las Vegas radio station, Power 88 FM and became one of the most popular radio DJ’s the station has ever had. Jevin has DJ’d for several entertainers such as Jim Brown, Fat Joe, Mary Mary, Anthony Hamilton, etc. Because Jevin (DJ Jev) lives and breathes music and entertainment he realizes he was born to do more than just DJ. Jevin started his own entertainment company,” J B’Nai Entertainment”. Creating this company would allow Jevin to expand his creative horizons from the wheels of steel to comedy and television. He’s now a parody creator, a YouTube sensation, spoofing everybody from Fantasia, Diddy to Labron James. I get the feeling that this is just the beginning of this young stars career. No matter the name, just be on the look out for Jevin B’Nai Smith aka Wealthy Jev

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